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Supportive Funeral and Cremation Services in Bedford Heights, OH

Funeral planning is an important step for the services that are required after someone passes away. While it is important to consider options for burial, cremation, and a funeral event, other needs of the family should be addressed as well. 

Funeral and cremation services in Bedford Heights, OH

should be designed to take care of the deceased as well as the surviving family and friends.

At E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home, we offer the compassion and care you need in this challenging chapter of life. We know that it can be difficult to say goodbye to someone that you love. We’re here to provide the support and guidance that you need in all stages of funeral planning.

Whether you have a few questions about the services or you want to get started to complete a funeral plan, we’re here to assist. We make it easy to design a custom, beautiful service to honor the memory of your family member.

Cost to be Cremated Heights, OH

Bedford Funeral Home & Crematorium FAQs

How much does it cost to be cremated?

As funeral costs rise, more people are opting for cremation rather than burial to save money. However, many people are unaware that when all of the service fees are factored in, cremation can cost as much as a burial.

What is the cheapest way to be cremated?

Cremation, according to E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home, is a very significant alternative. We know it makes a significant difference in the lives of many families. Its ease of use and low cost make it a very appealing alternative for many people.

Is cremation cheaper than burial?

One of the reasons for cremation's popularity is its cost. Cremation is, on average, less expensive than burial. You don't need to buy any land, and you don't need to buy a costly casket.

Cremation may be less cheap than a funeral and burial in a cemetery with a service, depending on the locale (burial charges vary by location). A basic cremation with no service nor urn might cost as little as $550 – about one fifth the price of embalming and with fewer administrative hurdles. If someone chooses to have their ashes placed in an urn or casket for disposition after the cremation, the costs could reach upwards of $4,000.

Bedford Heights Crematorium & Funeral Service

At E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home, we have our very own onsite crematorium at our funeral home. An onsite crematory is the place where you can say goodbye to your loved one. Our caring staff will take care of everything. They will keep your loved one safe until the end. Our staff will stay in contact with you and will make sure that your loved one is respected. Once the process has finished, we can deliver urns to any home or cemetery you want it to go to.

At E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home, we understand that you might not have time to plan a full burial service for your loved one, that’s why we’re here to help you in every way we can. We offer dignified and respectful cremation services in Bedford Heights that are perfect for those who are looking for a simple and cost-effective way to say goodbye without having to pay thousands of dollars on expensive coffins or other unnecessary expenses. Our professional staff is available to serve you 24/7 with all the information you need regarding our various cremation packages and payment plans. Call us today at (216) 791-0770.

What can be done with the cremated remains?

You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to cremation. The cremains can be buried in a cemetery site, i.e., earth burial, kept by a family member, generally in an urn, scattered on private property, or buried in a place that was meaningful to the dead. (It's usually a good idea to double-check local restrictions before scattering in a public place; your funeral director can assist you.)

What to Expect: Funeral and Cremation in Bedford Heights, OH

What should you expect when you contact a funeral home? Keep in mind that we are here to provide information and support your needs. Our team never makes you feel pressured or obligated to services that don’t fit your desires. You can expect a listening ear and caring guidance as you navigate the many decisions that need to be addressed.

Most funeral services fall into a few simple categories:

  • Funeral Service: Typically, this term refers to the event when family and friends honor and remember the deceased. Many other services are also required to ensure a quality experience. For example, we can assist with transportation, graveside services, flowers, the program, paperwork, and more.
  • Direct Cremation: If a funeral service isn’t a good fit for your family, then direct cremation might be an alternative to consider. We will complete the cremation with the highest care and respect. Your family can choose this service without the need to hold a formal funeral. We have an on-site crematory to ensure total control and respect from start to end.
  • Cremation with Service: Another solution is to combine the cremation with a service held before or after. If you prefer a memorial after cremation, then consider having the ashes on display in a beautiful urn.

One of the benefits of working with our experienced team at E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home is that we honor your choices and preferences. We want to be sure that you have our full support during all parts of funeral planning. 

Comparing Services in the Cleveland Area

As you are comparing services in and around Cleveland, you will find multiple funeral homes. But the services aren’t created equal. So, it is important to identify your goals and then select a funeral home to match those preferences.

For example, if you would like to choose cremation, it can be helpful to choose a company with an on-site crematory. This way your family member stays in the care of the same funeral staff for all aspects of the cremation, without a need to have another company complete the service.

Quality should be the deciding factor when choosing services for funeral and cremation in Bedford Heights, OH. You have one chance to design a unique funeral for your loved one, which is why you shouldn’t cut corners on the services that are selected. This process ensures a positive, memorable event that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Costs: How Much Should You Pay?

The cost of paying for funeral services can be a burden for some families. We are working hard to reduce your stress by promising affordable solutions without reducing the quality of services. Talk to us about your budget so that we can help you with the identification of the right funeral services for your needs.

Also, consider that the price points vary depending on the funeral services that are requested. The most affordable option is to schedule cremation without a memorial or funeral. While you will be saving money, you also need to consider potential experiences that will be lost if you don’t hold an event in honor of the deceased. Some families choose a small backyard gathering instead of worrying about the expenses that come with a traditional funeral.

Funeral Services as Unique As Life

Every person lived a unique life, which is why we are working to ensure that the funeral services are customized to match the person. Learn more about these options by talking to us about funeral and cremation planning in Bedford Heights, OH. E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home is here to support all end of life services. Visit our nearest location at 25900 Emery Rd, Warrensville Heights, OH 44128. Or, call if you would like to schedule an appointment with our experienced funeral director: (216) 831-7906

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